Westgroup activities are mainly focused on Environmental protection and Technological innovation, with particular experience in:

Design, Studies and Research in the field of water, waste and environmental protection.
Development and engineering of equipment and systems for Environmental Monitoring.
Development of electromechanical products.
Services in the field of technological installations and construction.

Environmental monitoring

  • Analysis and characterization of soil, air and water (MAC)
  • Landfill monitoring
  • Monitoring of air quality
  • Monitoring and characterization of contaminated sites


  • Environmental radioactivity
  • Airborne radioactivity
  • Continuous monitoring of soil gas flux
  • Environmental geochemical stations
  • Measurement of diffuse emissions: portable flux-meters

Environmental engineering

  • Water and waste water environmental services
  • Hydraulic risk control
  • Environmental protection
  • Modelling and environmental data management


  • Mechanical plants
  • Electrical plant
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Building restructuring and construction services

Research and innovation

  • Regional, national and international research projects in the field of environmental protection and technological development
  • Software and Hardware design and development
    Design, development and engineering of prototype equipments

Electromechanical instruments

  • Low and Medium Voltage cast resin instrument transformers
  • Equipments for railway signaling